Missonic facial cleansing device, is made with waterproof ultra-hygienic silicone and is engineered for optimal performance. Our device with its non-abrasive, soft silicone touch-points, is perfect for everyday use as it removes 99% of dirt, oil and make-up to give you clean and clear radiant skin.
The Vibration technology allows for a superior cleaning of your face.
Missonic sends 8500 sonic vibrations a minute to your skin to effectively remove 99% of dirt, oil and make-up, yet with multiple speed intensity settings, you can customise your cleansing experience.


Anti-Aging Facial Massage

Supercharge your skin care regimen by using our vibration technology to massage your favourite serums and moisturizer into your skin for a more youthful look. Relax your face and press the anti-ageing surface to the following wrinkle-prone areas, where muscle tension can cause crows feet, worry lines and laugh lines.



Missonic ultrasonic vibrations, allow for a superior cleaning of your face. Vibrates 8500 times per minute. It will increase blood flow to your skin surface resulting in improved radiant skin texture and a reduction of pore size.

* Removes 99% of dirt, oil and make-up for a radiant skin

* Includes Anti-ageing & cleansing brush surfaces

* 15 different speed for optimum effectiveness and comfort

* Reduces the appearance of the fine lines & wrinkles

* 100% Waterproof

* 500 uses per full charge



Missonic, using ultra-hygıenic silicone bristle is antibacterial, hypoallergenic and odor-resistant for greater comfort and performance. Also body-safe and has non-porous silicone thats easy to clean and prevents bacteria build-up. Unlike a conventional brush, you do not need replacement brush heads.

MISSONIC understands that skin types are different and have designed 15 different speeds to suit your specific skin type. Our device has 15 speed intensities for optimum effectiveness and comfort.

15 different speeds for different skin. You can adjust the speed of the brush according to your skin's needs. Turn unit on by pressing the power button and adjust speed using "-" or "+" buttons to set the desired speed.

500 uses per full charge. Insert the usb into the power plug, computer or mobile phone usb interface to charge.


Skincare Routine

The missonic is the only device you need for your skincare routine. Wash away the day with missonic then switch to the back of the device for an anti-aging massage with your favourite serums and moisturizers. 

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