Best Facial Device for Men
The Missonic smart facial cleansing device, is an enhanced with our missonic technology and anti-aging system designed to a superior cleaning of your face. With over 8,500 vibrations per minute, missonic allows increase blood flow and not only ensures a deep cleanse, but provides to lift, firm, and tone for a more youthful appearance. Prepare the face for a smoother shave. Prevents irritation of the shaving. You immediately notice how firm your face feels after using. Now shaving is much easier with missonic for men. Use this device with your favourite cleanser to increase the effectiveness and better absorption of skin care products. Missonic made of waterproof silicone. Unlike a conventional brush you do not need replacement brush heads.


You can adjust the speed of the brush according to your skin's needs. Turn unit on by pressing the power button and adjust speed using " - " or " + " buttons to set the desired speed. 15 different speeds for different skin. Also Missonic is rechargeable. 500 uses, per full charge.
Step 1- Wet face and apply your facial cleanser
Step 2- Get wet your missonic and turn unit on pressing the power button and adjust speed using (-) or (+) buttons to set the desired speed
Step 3- Cleanse specific zones cleanse each area of your face for 10 seconds. Cleanse your chin and cheeks using circular motions and repeat on the opposite side. Cleanse your forehead and cleanse your nose by gliding up and down one side, then change to the other side
Step 4- Reduce the indensity before gently cleansing the under eye region (8 seconds)
Step 5- After 1 minute, turn off the device and rinse & dry your face
Step 6- Apply the anti-aging surface to wrinkle-prone areas
Use for two minutes twice daily with any cleanser


Best Facial Tool for Men
  Bestseller Facial Cleansing Brush for Men