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The Missonic sonic facial cleanser and anti-ageing massager device is enhanced with our missonic technology and anti-ageing system designed to a superior cleaning of your face.
With over 8,500 vibrations per minute, missonic allows increased blood flow and not only ensures a deep cleanse, but provides lift, firm, and tone for a more youthful appearance.
Use this device with your favorite cleanser to increase the effectiveness and better absorption of skincare products. Missonic Sonic Facial Cleanser made of waterproof silicone. Unlike a conventional brush, you do not need replacement brush heads.

·       Eliminate trapped oil, make-up residue, and dirt in 1 minute
·       Deeply, yet gently cleanses preserving skin elasticity
·       15 cleansing intensities and massage
·       Stimulates the circulation of the blood towards the skin
        which results in a more youthful appearance
·       MISSONIC Sonic Facial Cleanser includes 1 Year Warranty


You can adjust the speed of the missonic sonic facial cleanser according to your skin's needs.
Turn the unit on by pressing the power button and adjust the speed using the " - " or " + " buttons to set the desired speed.
15 different speeds for different skin.
500 uses, per full charge.
Before you use the MISSONIC Sonic Facial Cleanser, read the instruction for important safety and how-to-use information.

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